mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

#13 - Arthur Russell - 10/03/2010

Arthur Russell - This is How we Walk on the Moon (Another Thought, Point Music, 1994)
Loose Joints - Is It all Over my Face (Is It all Over my Face, West End Records, 1980)
Modern Lovers - Hospital (Modern Lovers, Beserkley Record, 1976)
Arthur Russell - Come to Life (
Cant/Arthur Russell Split 7 Inch, Terrible Records, 2009)
Dinosaur L - Go Bang! (24-24 Music, Sleeping Bag Records, 1981)
Vera November - Our Last Night Together (Four Songs By Arthur Russell VA, Rough Trade, 2007)
White Hinterland - Lucky Cloud (
Free download)
Tracey Thorn - Get Around To It (Out of the Woods, Virgin Records, 2007)
Johanna Billing - This is How we Walk on the Moon (This is How we Walk on the Moon, Apparent Extent, 2008)
Arhur Russell - Arm Around You (Calling Out of Context, Rough Trade/Audika, 2004)

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